Aftermarket Products

Barrett-Jackson Cup Winner - Aftermarket Radiator - High Performance Radiator

January 1, 2005 C&R opened C&R Racing South. C&R South, located in Mooresville, NC manufactures and distributes drivetrain components (including the CR1, CR1V2, & CR2), Dynotech driveshafts, Xtrac Ford 9” Racing Gear Sets, and current C&R products.

In 2011, C&R entered into the high performance aftermarket with its line of high quality cooling systems for Mustangs, Camaros, and many others. Along with the cooling for this market, C&R has racing quality rear gear assemblies for any 9” application.

C&R contributes to the winning formula of championship race teams across all venues of motorsports – from NASCAR to Late Model, Motorcycles to Road Racers, Karts to IndyCars, Off-Road and many more. C&R is comprised of C&R Racing, Inc., C&R Racing Performance, C&R Racing Radiators, and C&R Racing South. C&R gets the job done every race weekend.