Drivetrain Components


With combined efforts of C&R and Xtrac, the CR2C is the premiere Transmission for the NASCAR market. Utilizing years of F1 and Indy car knowledge, the CR2C is the first NASCAR approved transmission to have an Independent Shaft System. This allows for far less gear deflection due side loads from misalignment of bell housing and driving angles. This cutting edge design keeps the main shaft independent from the output & input shaft; allowing the gear set’s to run in their optimal locations.

Xtrac’s advanced engineering and quality are the backbone of the CR2C with the lightest rotating weight on the market. All shafts, gears, and shift mechanisms are manufactured in their UK facility, and held to strict tolerances. The utilization of Xtrac’s full form gear ground design, optimizes the strength while reducing the overall weight. In meeting NASCAR requirements for COT, the CR2C incorporates easily adjustable ballast to ensure the transmission is always at the minimum weight. The main case and mid plate assembly are aluminum with the option of steel covers for added adjustability.


C&R manufactures all components of the CR1 Transmission at the Indianapolis facility, except for the internals and case. This allows C&R to maintain greater control of tolerances. Pictured are the CNC Shifter Handles, Shifter Knob and CR1 Top Plate Cover.


C&R carries a complete line of in-stock Speedway Engineering products – Floaters, Quick Change Rear Ends, Axels, Hubs, Drive Plates. C&R is the exclusive stocking distributor and East Coast Service facility for Speedway Engineering. Custom orders available.


C&R Racing is the leader in manufacturing drivetrain components for the motorsports and high performance industry. Use only the best by selecting your drivetrain parts from C&R.


C&R Racing carries both new and used Rankin transmission parts.  Call C&R South at 704-799-0955 for pricing and availability.


1350 Slip Yoke- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

1350 Slip Yoke


C&R Chip Collector- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

C&R Chip Collector


Contour Performance Quick Change Gears- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

Contour Performance Quick Change Gears


cr1 Transmission- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

CR1 Transmission


cr12 Transmission Upgrades- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

CR1V2 Transmission Upgrade


CR2C - 4 spd NASCAR Legal Racing Transmission- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

CR2C – 4 spd NASCAR Legal Racing Transmission


Dynotech Driveshaft- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

Dynotech Driveshaft


Internal Rear Gear Oil Pump- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

Internal Rear Gear Oil Pump


Rankin Transmissions


Shifter, Shifter Knob and CR1 Plate- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance
Shifter, Shifter Knob and CR1 Plate


Speedway Engineering- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

Speedway Engineering


Timken Bearings- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

Timken Bearings


Xtrac Ford 9" Ground Ring & Pinions- Drivetrain-Components - High Performance

Xtrac Ford 9″ Ground Ring & Pinions