Fibreworks Composites

C&R Racing is pleased to announce it is now the exclusive distributor of Fibreworks Composites Products. Fibreworks has a vast knowledge of “structural” lay-up of Carbon Fiber, and they have utilized this technique in producing stronger and lighter components for the NASCAR market.

Carbon Fan Ring

Fibreworks carbon ring - Performance Parts - High Performance
Designed to replace the plastic ring on the SPAL 16″ fans, this Carbon Fan Ring is stronger and is 13 oz. lighter than the factory ring.  In addition to saving weight, this fan ring has less “air-side” restriction making the current fan more efficient.  The ring is a direct replacement part and provides the same mounting points as the factory unit for a “universal” fit.

C&R Racing is also a Master WD for SPAL, and carries a broad range of sizes in addition to the (2) 16″ Performance fans which accommodate the Carbon Fan Ring.

Part Number
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Description Purchase Details
FW-2C000009 16″ Carbon Fan Ring View Purchase Details
IX-30102120 Hi-Performance Puller Fan 16″ (sold separately) Coming Soon!
IX-30102113 Hi-Performance Puller Fan 16″ Curved Blade (sold separately) Coming Soon!

Carbon Nose Duct (CoT)

Fibreworks carbon duct - Performance Parts - High Performance
Weighing in at ONLY .55 lb (8.8 oz.) these Carbon Nose Ducts for the CoT car also feature Fibreworks “Intensified Surface” on the air-side of the duct.  This process provides greater air flow allowing for less frontal opening to provide the same cooling ability.  As with ALL of these products, Fibreworks maximizes strength without adding weight.

These Carbon Nose Ducts are NASCAR approved as of June, 2009 and are available in both left and right side.  Carbon block-offs, with or without blowers, available soon.

Part Number
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Description Purchase Details
FW-2C000002 Carbon Nose Duct-Left View Purchase Details
FW-2C000003 Carbon Nose Duct-Right View Purchase Details

Carbon Airbox

Fibreworks carbon cover - Performance Parts - High Performance

With it’s inner “Intensified Surface”, interlocking channel, and structural lay-up, which eliminates any need for an aluminum carburetor ring – this assembled airbox weighs in at ONLY 2.945 lbs (47.12 oz).

Each component can be purchased separately, but why would you break-up a “matched” set that offers so much?

Part Number
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Description Purchase Details
FW-2C000012 Carbon Airbox-Top View Purchase Details
FW-2C000013 Carbon Airbox-Bottom View Purchase Details