C&R, part of PWR Advanced Cooling Technology

With decades of experience providing cooling solutions to top US race teams and high-end vehicle builders, C&R joins the PWR family of companies, providing the latest cooling technology for every condition.   

Founded by Chris Paulsen in 1988, C&R Racing, Inc., started as a specialty machine and fabrication shop serving the IndyCar Industry.  Driven by a passion for motorsports from a young age, Paulsen walked through many paths within the race industry expanding his skills, know-how and reputation along the way. Drawing from his expertise as a Chief Mechanic for top drivers, Paulsen was well aware of industry demands for cooling solutions and became relied on as a leading source of cooling components for US race teams in NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA Drag Racing and IMSA SportsCar Racing.  C&R evolved into a leading manufacturer of cooling products and became recognized across multiple industry platforms as the supplier of choice for top-tier quality cooling components.

In parallel, in Queensland, Australia, PWR was creating a legacy of their own as a world leader in automotive cooling technology.

Co-founded by Kees Weel and son Paul Weel, PWR was established with an unstoppable desire to develop the best performing aluminum cooling components available on the market.

Their personal success in Australian Stadium Off-Road racing, Australian V8 Supercar, and Australian Safari competition fostered an innate awareness of extreme driving conditions and fueled their passion to produce cutting-edge cooling technology. 

While focusing on leading-edge technology, and building top-level facilities, equipment, and services, PWR has grown into a full-service cooling provider, supplying R&D, testing, and cooling solutions to top-tier race teams competing in F1, NASCAR, V8 Supercar, and Off-Road series’ around the world.

As two leaders in the automotive cooling industry, C&R and PWR developed a business relationship and soon recognized the potential of their collaboration.

In March 2015 PWR acquired ownership of C&R, allowing PWR to expand their technology and flexible manufacturing capabilities into the US.  The C&R footprint was increased to 46,000 sq. ft. and now houses a wide scope of engineering and design services, state-of-the-art manufacturing with controlled atmosphere brazing furnace, CNC machine shop, weld department and fabrication capabilities.

Today C&R supports a broad group of competitive race teams, major automotive companies manufacturing performance niche vehicles, industrial vehicle fleets, specialized military requests, and car enthusiasts who want nothing but the best components for their personal projects.   

By providing comprehensive design and engineering services, while manufacturing top quality high-performance aluminum radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers, C&R provides the North American market with unrivaled support to suit broad scope cooling needs, with the dedicated attention to each unique request.    

C&R and PWR have become world leaders in providing the best quality cooling solutions across a wide range of industries.