Floater Rear Housing And Quick Change Rebuild Services

Exclusive East Coast repair facility for Speedway Engineering
Provide complete rebuild and straightening of all Quick Change on all major brands
Fixtured and installation of truck arm pads and brake caliper brackets
Service is available exclusively through C&R South. Pick up and delivery available*.
*Pickup and delivery charge may apply

Dyno Running Service For 9″ Rear Gears And Rear End Straightening Services

Dyno Running Service – C&R South offers complete Dyno Services for 9” Rear Gears. The gears are tested both loaded and unloaded. Dyno testing allows for testing of oil performance among other brands as well as testing current gear performance versus another gear.
Rear End Straightening Service – Rear end straightening ensures proper alignment of rear end tires ensuring camber and tow independently. C&R South carries a complete line of in stock Speedway Engineering Components, both quick change rear ends and floaters.

Private Label Parts

C&R will custom manufacturer any fabricated machine piece with your logo under private label. Private Label meets the design specs of your application while maintaining confidentiality and design specifications.

Contract Engineering And Manufacturing

C&R Racing provides engineering solutions for our customers that improve designs and reduce manufacturing costs. The development of any new product can likely be enhanced and streamlined through the principles of design for manufacturing. C&R Racing uses these principles and more in order to meet your specific requirements. As a long standing leader in design and manufacturing for the motorsports arena, we have the experience to turn ideas into products quickly and competitively for any industry.

Complete 9" Rear End Gear Services

  • Lease and rental program available
  • Complete rebuilding of your own gear sets
  • Complete new build of 9” gear sets
  • Internal pumps available
  • Dyno Break-in
  • REM® Isotopic Surface Finishing – Authorized Facility

Service is available exclusively through C&R South.  Local pick up and delivery available.

Custom Radiator Request

C&R Racing is happy to create custom Radiators based on your needs.  Please select from the options below for your design quote on a Cross Flow or Down Flow Radiator

Cross Flow Custom Radiator Order Form

Down Flow Custom Radiator Order Form